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  • Duration: 00:20
  • Charge: $12

Gel Manicure

  • Duration: 00:30
  • Charge: $30

French Manicure

  • Duration: 00:30
  • Charge: $17

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands performed at our nail salon. A manicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, treatments, massage of the hand and the application of polish.

Some manicures can include the painting of pictures or designs on the nails or applying small decals or imitation jewels. Other nail treatments may include the application of artificial nail gels, tips, oracrylics, some of which are referred to as French manicures.[1]

What is a Manicure?

A man·i·cure (man-i-kyoo r) is a cosmetic treatment of the hands and fingernails, including trimming and polishing of the nails and removing cuticles.  Manicures have been around for thousands of years. The word “manicure” literally

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