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Manicures start with removing any nail polish or remnants of from your nails. This will help ensure your nails are back to their natural color, and any dirt is removed.

Our Manicure includes nail cutting and filing to your specifications. After soaking, the cuticles are pushed back and trimmed free of excess cuticle material. The nails are then softly buffed and cuticle oil is applied and rubbed into the cuticles. This is followed by a relaxing hand and wrist massage. A warm towel is then used to clean the palms of the hands and nails of lotion. The nail beds are further cleaned with alcohol to ensure that polish products adhere well. An excellent quality “sticky base coat” is then applied to the nail followed by the customers polish color of choice.

Heather's Nail Spa is now Fantasy Nails & Spa

  • 89 West Rd Unit 2A
  • (860) 871-9499
  • info@heathersnailspa.com

Heather's New Hours

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    11:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Tuesday
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