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What is a Manicure?

man·i·cure (man-i-kyoo r) is a cosmetic treatment of the hands and fingernails, including trimming and polishing of the nails and removing cuticles. 

Manicures have been around for thousands of years. The word “manicure” literally means care for hands. The origin is from the late 19th century: from French, from Latin manus ‘hand’ + cura ‘care.’

What are some Benefits?

A manicure is good for improving the texture and health of your fingernails, the skin of your hands, as well as leaving them looking polished to perfection.

Apart from making sure your hands and nails look and feel good, a manicure often has the side-effect of relaxing you. There are pressure points on your hands that correspond to other areas of your body.

Are all Manicures the same?

There are many different types of Manicures available, including; Standard Manicure, French Manicure, Manicures with custom Nail Art, Shellac Gel Manicures, Nail Enhancements and more.

How long?

A manicure will last from around 15 minutes to more than an hour, depending on what you’re having done. Generally speaking, the longer the time, the more you are having done. Leave yourself enough time to get the full benefit of a Manicure, don’t just rush off.

What happens after?

Don’t wear gloves, or anticipate needing your hands immediately after a manicure. It may not be the best thing to go straight back to typing on a computer keyboard, doing someone’s hair, etc. However, Gel Manicures have the benefit of drying very fast and will last longer.

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